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Why ECS2019-07-19T16:06:56+00:00

You need high-level communication with our clients, ‘best of breed’ recruiters and employes and processes equipped to deliver on these promises.

You made the call and we heard it. We know the reputation of the recruitment industry. We aren’t about simply filling quotas. We aren’t about employers being a means to a paycheck. We understand your need for effective communication. We understand the lack of talent being offered up in our industry. We understand employers and candidates alike are being treated as numbers.

Our mission is to change that.

We aren’t interested in ‘taking a piece of the easy pie’. Our intent is to lead the industry forward and set the benchmark through our communication, commitment to safety, connecting the ‘best of breed’ talent with ethical and thought leading employers.

Words are just words. We understand that this the proof is in the pudding and the benchmark of any industry leader is to have words backed by action.

ECS’s uniquely personalised approach offers an unmatchable range of benefits:

  • Providing maximum task understanding, value for money and effective communication with our clients.
  • Bringing the most reputable, experienced and talented recruiters to ECS.
  • Offering best training, support and human resources for potential employees.
  • Processes that identify better candidates, quicker, through better screening.
  • Ultimately, exceeding expectations for businesses and job-seekers alike.