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You’ve been crying out for a new standard of recruitment.

There is a distinct shortage of quality talent in many of Ireland’s industries. Businesses are finding it increasingly challenging to find the specialised staff they need.

They need a recruitment partner with expert consultants, that has access to high quality candidates, an ability to sort the best-of-breed in that specific role and industry, and at a reasonable and competitive cost.

ECS Recruitment is answering the call. To match the workforce of the future with the companies of the future.

The ECS team has a long and deep understanding of the unique way business works in Ireland. Our consultants have unparalleled expertise gained from decades of experience dealing with workforces in a very comprehensive range of prominent Irish industries.

ECS is a client-focused employment solutions company, working alongside corporates and SMEs, and with the best connected and qualified recruiters in Ireland and across the UK, Europe and as far as Australia.

Our key promise is providing strategically identified, ‘short-list’ quality candidates ,as well as a ‘best of breed’ Labour Hire workforce.

We also think you are looking for more than specific skills. You are looking for candidates with a both broad knowledge of the area of responsibility, and a deep, valuable expertise in a specific skill.

You are also looking for excellence in soft skills: Critical thinking and analytical reasoning; Emotional intelligence; Novel and adaptive thinking; Cross Cultural Competency; Computational thinking; New media literacy; and Virtual Collaboration.

We take on your stress, time and workload of finding the best candidates while your company’s productivity potential takes shape.

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