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You don’t just want another ‘jobs’ site. You want the expert assistance on communicating your value to ethical, thought leading and human workplaces.

You’ve just taken the first step to realising your career ambitions.

Take advantage of our considerable experience in preparing career documents for job seekers across a diverse range of industry sectors.

You deserve someone who will work closely with you via a rigorous consultative process, providing you with the tools and confidence necessary for your pursuit of the most suitable and rewarding career move.

This is why ECS is providing:

  • A process that enables you to present yourself as the best fit for the selected job opportunity.
  • The opportunity to acquire a better understanding of the role expected.
  • An understanding of the Hidden Job Market and how to create opportunities.
  • Instruction on the preparation of your CV.

In order to proceed, we would need the following clarification:

  • Understanding of the last ten years of your career.
  • Information on the types of jobs you intend on applying.
  • Clarification of your education and institutions attended.
  • Confirmation of all your tickets and licenses if applicable.
  • Current contact detail such as Name, Address, Telephone, Mobile, email etc.
  • Outline of your requirement – e.g. letter and resume, resume only etc.